Technology-Driven Transformation for Efficiency

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The client is a leading technology-enabled services company. Their innovative platform revolutionizes medical lien services for law firms and medical providers. Despite forecasting significant revenue growth, the organization encountered challenges with inefficient, disparate systems that struggled to scale effectively to meet the increasing caseload. Additionally, a lack of institutional knowledge and an underdeveloped technology team led to revenue loss and hindered preparations for future growth.


Based on Synergetics’ Business Analysis, we proposed a 12-month assignment focused on:

  • Technology Gap Analysis: Pinpoint technology gaps and pain points, focusing on enhancing efficiency across client success, processing, servicing, and underwriting teams.

  • Labor Reorganization: Restructured divisions to accommodate increased processing volumes and elevate end-user (law firm/provider) satisfaction, resulting in a more streamlined operational structure.

  • Requirements Management: Executed detailed workshops to elicit and document business, functional, and non-functional requirements, ensuring a comprehensive understanding of business needs.

  • Technology Vendor RFP Process: Selected a third-party technology vendor through a rigorous RFP process involving seven global technology providers, ensuring alignment with strategic goals.

  • Knowledge Transfer & Onboarding: Successful knowledge transfer and vendor onboarding, maximizing the likelihood of project success and effective utilization of new technology partner.

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