Private Equity

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Long-Lasting Partnerships

Synergetics actively serves over 50 of the leading Private Equity firms globally. We support Private Equity sponsors and their portfolio companies throughout their investment life cycle: from operational mergers and acquisitions; integration and value creation planning; execution of integrations and value creation programs; and pre-exit operational optimization initiatives.

Private Equity Partners

Synergetics works with Private Equity and management teams, creating solutions that will drive sustainable operational efficiencies and financial improvements. Many of our engagements are focused on the earlier stages of due diligence and often, we are engaged thereafter, driving operational excellence programs to create business value. The success generated on behalf of our clients always results in ROI for our Private Equity partners.

For Private Equity alliances and references please call us at 603-433-8940 or email Alex Miller, CEO or Jim Myrick, President.

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