Utilizing Lean and Six Sigma Methodologies

Synergetics’ work in the Industrial segment has been foundational. Our teams work closely with our clients to optimize their supply chain network, internal processes and business policies, utilizing Lean and Six Sigma methodologies throughout. We have a proven track-record of driving cost savings through operational efficiencies, process reforms and better technology utilization, with change management at the center of it all. Our experience over five decades has spanned multiple industries, and today, we specialize in the following sectors: 

  • Aerospace, Defense and Transportation
  • Automotive and Capital Goods
  • Commercial and Professional Services
  • Materials

Synergetics Industrial Services Profit Optimization Program

Business and Execution Planning

  • Supply chain network optimized

  • S&OP defined and implemented

  • Inventory planning optimized

  • Reduction of waste

  • Performance management targets defined

  • Effective Maintenance Programs (CMMS) instituted

Work Design and Process Alignment

  • Live data captured and standards developed
  • Systems evaluated with automation and layouts enhanced
  • Material flow improved
  • Demand-driven operational cadence set
  • Kaizen events and Lean Six Sigma methodology implemented

Management Accountability

  • Management layers and span of control identified

  • Leader standard work – roles and responsibilities defined

  • Policies deployed

  • Behavioral change management planning

  • Leadership training conducted

  • Key metrics identified – reporting/accountability established

Sustainable Optimization

  • Long-term vision and strategy maintained
  • Key customer linkage established

  • Dashboards created and utilized

  • Technology-enabled expansion (systems, tools and processes)

  • Standard data management policies set

  • Applied analytics, machine learning & Ai leverage

“Key targets, including productivity and cost reduction, were over-achieved in challenging circumstances. The fact that the organization was transitioning into self-sustainability towards the end of the engagement is a testament to the structural nature of results achieved.”
Andy Bonney
Exco & Global PMO Head - World Flight Services, Inc.
“[Synergetics’] team of professionals has made valuable contributions and process changes to our Logistics, Procurement, Process Management, Client Services, and HR operations. They worked extremely well with our people on all levels by bringing forth new ideas and delivering on all commitments.”
David G. Angerbauer
Former EVP - EnergySolutions

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