Business Value Creation

Continuous Improvement to Drive Competitive Advantages

What is Business Value Creation?

Value is what all businesses strive for. How that value is created and sustained is what makes good companies great. In its simplest form, value is about profits, but it can also be measured by employee satisfaction, the customer experience or the value placed on a company, its products or services.

Our Process

At Synergetics, we collaborate with our clients to build and sustain value for all stakeholders.

We believe the best path to Business Value Creation is to first understand all aspects of a business and stakeholders served. Through a rigorous diagnostics and planning process, we look at the current state business model, changes needed to enact and embrace change, and the most optimal solutions to deliver positive client outcomes.

1) Diagnostics and Planning

Deep-dive due diligence and assessments, with a 360° view of a company’s structure, assets and processes, followed by detailed planning addressing all stakeholders.

2) Change Management

Systematic approach and strategies to positively change corporate cultures, with employees embracing new ways of working, and driving continuous improvement.

3) Value Created

Positive outcome of change, measured in a variety of ways – operational metrics, financial performance, shareholder value, and competitive advantages.
“Synergetics has supported me on several acquisitions and many turnaround situations in the food industry. They have always proven to be effective and collaborative with the company’s organization. What sets them apart is their ability to effectively implement through the management team. Their commitment to an ROI-based value proposition truly differentiates them.”
Steve Silk
CEO - Spice Chain
“Their [Synergetics’] ability to uncover sources of complexity that we were not even aware of was a testament to how well they partnered with our teams to create a safe environment, where information was shared in a way I have not seen in other consulting engagements.”
Pete Harper
CFO - Koozie Group

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