Driving Improvements Through Operational Excellence

The Consumer space has been one of Synergetics’ primary business segments since the firm was founded. We have partnered with food conglomerates, manufacturers and distributors of health and beauty products, education resource providers, retail product companies, and more. We continue to help our clients navigate the complexities of the supply chain, concurrently developing solutions that address common themes, such as labor management, planning and production, raw material yield improvements, distribution, customer service, and ERP and MRP systems integration. Among the industries served include:

  • Consumer Durables
  • Consumer Services and Retail
  • Food and Beverage
  • Household and Personal

Synergetics Consumer Services Profit Optimization Program

Materials and Labor Management

  • Workforce optimized through labor and capacity planning
  • Maintenance program implemented to improve equipment reliability
  • Raw material yield enhanced
  • Performance management systems designed and implemented
  • Performance baseline developed and targets established

Lean/Six Sigma and Technology Implementation

  • Material flow optimized
  • Industry 4.0 implemented, leveraging the power of technology
  • Demand-driven operational cadence established
  • Kaizen Events and Lean Six Sigma methodology implemented
  • Lean processes established and sustained

Organizational Design and Management Behaviors

  • Management layers and span of control established
  • Leader standard work – roles and responsibilities defined
  • Policies deployed and adhered to
  • Organizational accountability model enhanced
  • Change management plans developed
  • Supervisor skills training implemented

Balanced Scorecard and Performance Accountability

  • Vision and strategy aligned
  • Linkage to key customers enabled
  • Key metrics and reporting dashboards utilized
  • Communications structure and cadence established
  • Performance metrics aligned with corporate goals
“Synergetics’ ability to quickly uncover opportunities within our manufacturing plant and processes enabled the team to focus on the biggest wins. The Synergetics team on the ground seamlessly integrated with ours and quickly earned their trust. The end results will generate improved output and increased savings for years to come.”
Michael Morse
President & CEO - Louisiana Fish Fry Products, Ltd.
“The Synergetics team was critical in enabling us to get the fundamental business processes, measures and organization in place and proved to be the catalyst in turning the business around.”
Charles Hinkaty
Former CEO - Del Laboratories, Inc.

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