Performance Management System

Operational Excellence Through Leadership and Discipline

The Performance Management System (“PMS”) is based on the Plan, Do, Check, Act (“PDCA”) Improvement Cycle, and helps align staff and management at all levels. It provides timely information to evaluate all standardized or key performance indicators allowing for immediate corrective actions and improved performance across an organization. The program fosters enterprise-wide communication and creates transparency, as it integrates People, Processes, and Products, with the end goals being:

  • Understanding and Accountability
  • Continuous Improvement
  • Sustainable Business Value Creation

Best-In-Class Processes

Organizational Effectiveness

  • Accountability and dependency framework

  • Management layers and span of control
  • Workforce planning and optimization
  • Location strategy development and deployment
  • Service delivery design, implementation and cost alignment

Business Intelligence

  • Key metrics identification and reporting (dashboards)

  • Performance baseline development
  • Applied analytics, machine learning and Ai
  • Customer insights and analytics
  • Data-driven decisions

Change Management

  • Communication planning, alignment and deployment

  • Policy deployment
  • Key stakeholder and adverse risk assessments
  • Change plan development and implementation
  • Training

Playbook and Standards

  • Leader and staff standard work (roles/responsibilities)

  • Crewing and staffing guides
  • Lean Six Sigma problem solving implementation
  • Continuous improvement methodology implementation
  • Workflow documentation, design, optimization, and automation
“Synergetics’ customer segmentation and margin analysis helped us prepare for a very difficult economic period. They helped us to understand our costs and business model better, allowing us then to reposition our value proposition and restructure operations. They were the lightning rod that saved our business.”
John Quinn
Retired Pres & CEO - Excel Polymers, LLC
“[Synergetics] engaged the team -- from operators to line managers / supervisors, and to senior leadership for an efficient execution and implementation. We realized results in cost control, productivity improvements, improved operational efficiencies, and quality. The return on investment was quickly reflected in financial performance.”
Dan Kohler
Former Executive Vice President - Atrium Innovations Inc.

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