Supply Chain Management and Better Business Processes

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This organization is a global provider of blood and plasma supplies and services. It produces medical equipment and consumables used in the design, manufacture and marketing of automated blood processing systems. These systems address important medical markets: surgical blood salvage, blood component and plasma collection, and blood component safety.

The Company was challenged by poorly designed business processes along with IT solutions that were not aligned. Several work arounds had been implemented by siloed departments which did not allow for integrated and optimized solutions.

A detailed Business Analysis undertaken by the Synergetics team identified several areas of opportunity to address gaps in software and systems functionality, and processes and workflow.


Synergetics collaborated to resolve the opportunities identified through the Business Analysis across several workstreams:

  • Supply chain optimization with the implementation of a companywide Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) initiative (forecasting, demand/supply planning, and inventory planning)
  • CRM system remediation with focus on quoting process and linkages to sales forecast
  • Lean Six Sigma implementation across the manufacturing and assembly facilities including focus on productivity, space/layout optimization, product quality, and inventory management
  • Logistics and distribution process and practices simplification and management training
  • Order to Cash (with focus on SOX-404 compliance) including process optimization, controls and best practice implementation across the areas of contract management, revenue recognition and cash collection

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