Strategic Organizational Restructuring for Cost Efficiency

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Faced with challenges around growth, profitability, and an underperforming stock price, the company required help identifying cost reductions to achieve a breakeven run-rate within a 6-month timeframe. Due to being a relatively young business, the company had many organizational structures that were not financially or operationally scalable. Synergetics was selected as the consulting partner to help develop a future-state organizational structure that would not only achieve the cost savings requirements, but also improve scalability for the long-term.


Synergetics added immediate value by quickly analyzing the current-state organizational cost structures and producing future-state scenario modelling. By detailing several options, Synergetics enabled the company to make informed decisions and right-size their business with confidence.

  • Future-state organizational design
  • Organizational analysis, including:

    • Span of control

    • Layers, titles, and levels

    • Compensation

    • Geographical footprint

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