Operational Optimization for Customer Satisfaction

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Cost Savings (Annualized EBITDA)
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Identified Savings in Labor Costs
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Reduction in Inventory Costs


The client is a family-owned and operated company that is part of three business units.

The company operates numerous facilities in 8 US States – manufacturing and delivering products and equipment to restaurants, sporting venues, businesses, healthcare facilities, schools, convenience stores and supermarkets.

The company’s goal was to identify and pursue opportunities concerning:

  • Under Performing Technician Workforce
  • Non-Standard Technician Service Durations
  • Poorly-Managed Inventory Control Systems
  • Over Servicing of Low Volume/Margin Customers


An in-depth Business Analysis with a team that visited 4 Make Ready Centers (MRC) across 4 regions in the US, capturing the “as is” processes and developing a “to be” model.

Key focus areas: Organization Design, Inventory Control, Dispatch Process and Resource Planning

Implementation efforts for optimizing operations and head count efficiencies would be created and put in place:

  • Centralized Inventory Management between MRCs
  • Dispatch Process Revision and Standardization
  • Dashboard Reporting for Resource Planning / Labor Management
  • Customer Remediation Program to ensure Customer Success

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