Mergers and Acquisitions – Integration and Consolidation

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Cost Savings in Freight and DC Consolidation


A Private Equity partner of Synergetics requested Due Diligence support on a motorcycle apparel company, with the purpose of using it as a platform for growth and with a focus on e-commerce. The initial hypothesis was to prove that margins could be enhanced by decreasing inventory levels with increased inventory turns, while concurrently lowering freight costs.

Through a collaborative Due Diligence effort, findings substantiated significant margin improvement opportunities and a solid foundation for growth. The Private Equity firm moved quickly to acquire this company, engaging Synergetics to coordinate all development efforts through a Project Management Office (PMO).

Key development objectives focused on an M&A plan to:

  • Develop and implement a store level stocking and replenishment model while rightsizing inventory
  • Define and implement a distribution footprint and inventory model targeted at eliminating several distribution centers
  • Optimize freight and inventory turns


Synergetics continued to support this company from an implementation standpoint, focusing on these key areas:

  • Developed and installed detailed warehouse layouts and processes to receive/put away/pick/pack/ship
  • Adjusted their warehouse management system for improved slotting and inventory turns
  • Installed bar code systems
  • Re-bid freight lanes for new volumes in-network
  • Closed two satellite warehouses
  • Developed store level merchandising models and coordinated replenishment tools
  • Developed and installed supply chain replenishment tools for improved inbound freight planning and in-stock performance

Hear What the Client has to Say

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“Synergetics has supported me on several acquisitions and many turnaround situations in the food industry. They have always proven to be effective and collaborative with the company’s organization. What sets them apart is their ability to effectively implement through the management team. Their commitment to an ROI-based value proposition truly differentiates them.”
Steve Silk
CEO - Spice Chain

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