Mergers and Acquisitions – Implementation of a Standardized Operations Model

$ 0 M
Annualized EBITDA Improvement
Plants Over 11 Years with Six Locations Consolidated


Initially starting in 2009 with four facilities and 2,000 employees, over the next four years, this company experienced phenomenal growth through a series of acquisitions, doubling in size within a year.  A few years later, they added another 1,500 staff and six locations.

Synergetics was contracted to support many acquisitions, starting with due diligence efforts and how best to integrate.

To be successful, this company would require structure, accountability, measured results, and plant sustainability with solid training programs.


Working with corporate leadership to form Blitz Teams at various facilities Synergetics targeted efficiency increases of at least +80%. 

Focus during each project was to install structure and discipline across all aspects of plant operations. Objectives to achieve cost reductions and improved efficiencies using LEAN / Six Sigma methodology included:

  • Throughput
  • Labor reductions change-in-line layouts
  • Process/material flows
  • Change-over standardization
  • Shop floor management roles and responsibilities
  • Organizational redesign

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