Leveraging Synergies to Improve Business Performance

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Annualized EBITDA Improvement
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Reduction in Cost of Goods Sold


This company specializes in providing safe, high-quality treatments for patients requiring customized formulations for their care.

After its acquisition by a leading investment firm, the board and leadership team recognized weaknesses in the management system historically used to run the business.

Fundamental tools and reporting to manage supply, demand and procurement processes were not in place, all of which contributed to lost revenue and impeded the organization’s ability to effectively scale in line with their acquisition strategy. 

Key cross-functional metrics were not defined or consistently reported.


Synergetics undertook an annual engagement focusing on:

  • Installation of an enterprise-wide Management Operating System (MOS)
    • Define key metrics, goals and objectives across all functional areas
    • Implement A3 and PDCA problem solving methodologies to improve performance and eliminate exceptions to planned goals
  • Implementation of a formal Sales and Operations Planning process (S&OP)
    • Improved tools for demand/capacity planning, scheduling, procurement/supply chain management, and distribution
  • Development of a valuation model to assist with prospective acquisitions
  • Creation of a process for further integrations of acquired companies (inclusive of optimized spans and layers)

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