Lead Generation Shared Services Utilization and Optimized Labor

$ 0 M
Annualized EBITDA Improvement
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Reduction in Labor Costs


With more than 100 urgent care clinics operating across a large metropolitan area, this company had raised  concerns from its board due to the increasing unit operating costs of its urgent care clinic network.

The Synergetics healthcare team met with the CFO to discuss our Multi-Site Healthcare Provider Profit Optimization model; four areas of focus which are typically sources for potential cost improvement:

  • Lead Generation Growth
  • Site Performance Variability and Gap Analysis
  • Shared Services Leveraging
  • Overhead (HQ) Structuring


With the support of the board and the CFO, Synergetics was tasked with assessing the entire operating model of the organization, with emphasis on Site Operations, IT, Sales, and Marketing.

Across the urgent care clinic network, the organization was overstaffed due to the practice of only hiring full-time employees. Synergetics helped the Company rethink the scheduling process of clinic staff – improving staff assignment and utilization.

  • Synergetics found SG&A functions (shared services/HQ) to be inefficient with inflated titles and excess management layers
  • This presented opportunities to simplify and restructure the organization leading to overhead efficiencies

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