Improving Production Efficiency for Timely Deliveries

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Improvement in Weekly Throughput


The company was challenged with meeting lead time requirements for their customers. Backlog orders had grown to nearly $11 million. Average weekly production rates were stymied at 24k pounds. There was no robust system or process to understand root causes of downtime, nor a focused and disciplined approach to planning and scheduling production. Furthermore, the company had excessive equipment reliability problems, exacerbated by a lack of investment in capital improvements.


Following an initial focus on Planning and Scheduling, Synergetics led the effort to improve shop floor management and preventive maintenance. The team implemented:

  • Short interval follow-ups by Supervisors

  • Identification and recording of specific downtime causes using Synovate (Power Apps)

  • Visual management boards showing hour by hour plan versus actual production

  • An enhanced Maintenance Management Operating System: managers dashboard using Power Bi, daily huddles, production planning meetings, skills flexibility matrix, and identification and approval of nearly $2.7 million CAPEX equipment upgrades

  • An Operations Daily Operating Report and review meeting

  • An overhauled Gemba walk and continuous improvement meeting

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