Enhancing Scalability through Organizational Design

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Rapid growth had created both challenges and opportunities for the company’s operating model. Onboarding clients and ingesting new volumes and resources created a complex environment of constantly-moving targets, hindering scalability and maintaining an optimal state. Synergetics was engaged to help the company identify organizational design opportunities to achieve cost savings and improve long-term scalability.


Synergetics was able to quickly analyze the current-state organizational cost structures and bring leadership together for a future-state modeling workshop. Through the workshop and subsequent discussions, several future-state options were drafted and assessed. The detail and structure provided by Synergetics enabled the company to make informed decisions on how to move forward and right-size their business with confidence:

  • Future-state organizational design
  • Organizational analysis, including:
    • Span of control
    • Layers, titles, and levels
    • Compensation
    • Geographical footprint

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