Enhanced Operating Efficiencies and Improved Customer Service

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Gross Margin Improvement
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Customer Service Level Improvements


Order volume had been steadily increasing over the previous several years resulting in unacceptable order backlog levels and poor customer service performance.

Having worked with Synergetics on several similar engagements, the PE owners introduced the leadership team to Synergetics. Synergetics was asked for their expertise in helping to implement enhanced operating efficiencies with the objective of improving customer service performance.


Synergetics implemented Salesforce (SFDC) for Service:

  • Improve visibility into customer orders, status / issues to improve time to resolution and overall productivity of the customer support and account executive teams
  • Decrease the amount of administrative burden and costs associated with customer support calls
  • Proactively update customers re: order and ship status
  • Reduce order entry defects contributing to replacements, returns, credits and concessions
  • Enhance operational reporting, improve the ability to perform root cause analysis on exceptions to planned goals; and enhance continuous improvement efforts

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