Comprehensive End-to-End Value Stream Analysis

$ 0 M
Reduction of Customer Attrition "Churn"
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Revenue (Reduction of Billing Related Defects)
$ 0 M
Reduction of Labor Costs


The company serves more than 6.6M residential and business customers, making it the largest company of its kind in North America with over 17,000 employees.

Although known for its customer service and delivery, its churn rate had been increasing with an annualized impact loss of $470M, and new sales could not cover this gap.

Service quality was also slipping.  The company siloed operations departments needed to be better integrated for increased efficiencies and to improve the management of new sales and services costs.


Following a comprehensive 6-week end-to-end Value Stream analysis, leadership chose to move forward with a program to improve the overall health of the company’s value stream.  Specific initiatives were targeted at improving Customer Experience, reducing Operational Expense, and Protecting Revenue.  Key areas of focus were to:

  • Improve the front-end sales and order entry processes in order to protect and improve the customer experience
  • Design and deploy a standardized Management Operating System within scheduling and installation in order to reduce customer acquisition costs and drive first-time quality
  • Develop a cross-functional Revenue Assurance function in order to reduce risk and contain Revenue Leakage

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