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Sales Effectiveness

As we recognize the criticality of a business having an effective sales process, it is our experience that many selling capabilities lack alignment, appropriate processes, and the right tools to get the highest return on investment.  For companies focused on growth, one of the biggest opportunities in this area is making sales more productive.  But sales models for many companies, especially large ones, have become more complex and less efficient, putting undo pressure on profit margins and retarding growth.  Companies that do little to rethink their model will be saddled with a larger, cumbersome sales organization that not only erodes margins but misses the biggest opportunities with high-value customers.

To help our clients gain competitive advantage, Synergetics uses rigorous analyses, metrics, benchmarking, and a deep understanding of organizational processes to unlock the full potential of any company’s marketing and sales resources.  We prioritize needed improvements and help implement practical changes that immediately increase the volume of your sales pipeline.  Our approach includes:

–  Applying our broad experience across various industries to individual client needs,
–  Benchmarking current state vs. effective industry practices,
–  Examining the overall sales organizational framework,
–  Developing clear, customized strategies per industry, and
–  Driving a disciplined implementation process.

Synergetics can help your business confirm alignment with current capabilities and planning, fine-tune your sales model because of changing market conditions, or transform your sales and marketing organizations in pursuit of new strategic imperatives. Our pragmatic approach in determining your Sales Effectiveness can help you determine your organization’s  readiness to capitalize on profitable opportunities.