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Supply Chain

Supply Chain as a group of three product offerings within the category of Cost Management is collectively viewed as a process vital to a company’s ability to contain costs and for it to hold a competitive market advantage.

An effective Supply Chain Planning and Demand Management program can maintain competitive supply costs by the way it is set up and aligned with the company’s business strategy.  On-time service delivery, multi-site support, short turn-around times and customer service levels are also impacted by Logistics and Distribution Streamlining.  This function plays a major role in determining best modes of transfer, distribution, freight considerations, and warehousing concerns, among others.  Sourcing and procurement are critical in timing and how supplies are obtained.  Combined with supplier management, they will set the tone for how well you establish vendor relationships, manage contract costs, and improve cross-functional collaboration.

Synergetics’ expertise in guiding companies through the many complexities of capturing cost advantages and coordinating the entire supply chain process will be invaluable to your company’s sustained profitability.