Case Studies


    The Company had grown quickly through acquisition and had not integrated systems or processes leading to an inefficient operating model
    Implementation of a consistent Business Operating Model
    Productivity Improvement across key processes realizing over $70m in annual savings

    Inefficiency in operational and management processes due to rapid growth
    Design and implement a new operating model and metrices for reporting
    Over $10M in annualized benefits; Four-fold stock appreciation

    Comparatively low EBITDA to that of competition and inability to reduce costs in line with market conditions
    Implementation of a pan company cost reduction program to assist in regaining market competitiveness
    Achieved over $15m in combined annualized savings with overall project ROI of 4.2 to 1
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Industry Expertise

Synergetics has broad experience of working in a wide-range of industries.  Expertise at an industry-level is deeply embedded within our management team and we have the aptitude and capability to respond to your organization’s needs, whatever the issue.

  • Aerospace / Defense

    Today’s Aerospace and Defense sector represents something of a dichotomy. At a macro level, we see revenues in the Aerospace industry (one largely comprised of the production, sale, and service of commercial aircraft) continuing to project strong growth over those of recent record levels. {….}

  • Automotive

    Automobile production makes up America’s largest manufacturing sector and contributes about 3.5% to the country’s total GDP. The millions of jobs associated with designing, producing, and supplying parts and components to assemble, sell, and service new vehicles play a huge part in fueling the US economy. {….}

  • Consumer Products

    Synergetics has a proud track-record of working with our clients in the Consumer Products space. We have continually displayed our ability to work with our clients, identify and deconstruct their issues and embed solutions which deliver results. {….}


  • Financial / Professional / Business Services

    The Financial Services industry is a complex sector operating in very challenging times. Organizations are under increasing pressure to treat customers fairly, and to this end there is an almost hostile regulatory environment. {….}

  • Food / Beverage

    Faced with a stagnant global economy, Food and Beverage organizations are operating in a world of significant challenges. The need to eliminate costs and maximize operational efficiencies while minimizing the level of discounting has never been more important. {….}

  • Healthcare / Life Sciences

    The Healthcare Industry is one of the largest and fastest growing industries in the world. This overall expansion means many job opportunities for those with the skills and training necessary to fill open positions. Over the past decade, providers have seen dramatic changes in customer behavior {….}

  • Mining / Metals

    As European and U.S. mining production has declined over the last century, developing countries such as China, South America, and Africa have seen increases — the shift of mining locations from developed to developing countries has been a continuing trend which began in the 1950’s. {….}

  • Technology / Software

    It is clear that the continued and unrelenting pace of technological change is a topic which manifests itself high on any CEO’s agenda today. With an eye to the future, today’s issues will only be amplified as your customers demand more. {….}


  • Telecom / Communications

    The Telecommunications sector exhibits a tremendous pace of change, possibly the greatest it has ever seen over such a compressed timeframe. Fundamentally, consumers are demanding, and this places great demands on industry businesses to stay current in meeting the needs of the end user. {….}

  • Transportation / Distribution Services

    The Transportation industry can be broken down into three major sectors: shipping, passenger transport, and equipment manufacturing, with the third being that of the production of railcars, aircraft, trucks, ships, containers, etc. {….}

  • Utilities / Energy

    Utilities (water, electricity and gas) are essential services that must be in place as part of any industrialized nation’s infrastructure, and their presence (along with type and abundance) play a vital role in any country’s economic and social development. {….}