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Synergetics’ process begins with understanding our client’s needs based upon input from key stakeholders of the organization along with researching available corporate information, market sector trends, and competitor profiles.  Our onsite Pre-Assessment phase includes:

–  Meeting with Senior Management across the business value stream to discuss their individual and collective challenges,
–  Understanding the perceived “high level” short to medium term business objectives,
–  Developing a level of alignment towards the areas of scope for the business assessment,
–  Reviewing competitor performance and opportunities in the marketplace / SWOT analysis,
–  Conducting a high level financial review and breakdown, and
–  Developing an estimate of opportunity.

The Pre-Assessment work efforts are undertaken at Synergetics’ expense and typically take 1-5 days to complete.  Based upon these results, improvement opportunities are discussed with Senior Management to determine next steps.

The deliverable of the Pre-Assessment is a formal proposal to undertake Phase 2: the Business Analysis.  The Pre-Assessment Phase ends with the client making the Go / No-Go decision to proceed to Phase 2.