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Synergetics believes in working with each client to ensure the proposed solutions from the Business Analysis are implemented and the targeted benefits (operational and financial) are realized.  Our experienced Implementation teams provide the necessary dedicated time and focus in working with senior leadership to affect accelerated change within a compressed time table, creating a sense of urgency to accomplish stated objectives.

As a result of our many years of experience providing management consulting services across multiple market sectors and industries, we have found that successful engagements share the following components:

–  Complete “buy-in” and commitment from senior stakeholders (Senior Management, Board members),
–  The CEO, CFO, and Program Coordinator actively participate and drive the change program,
–  Thoughtful selection of effective working team leaders and members who guide the process,
–  Effective roll-out and communication of program objectives, expectations, and progress to the organization,
–  Strong project governance and focus on project plan execution with disciplined measurement and results tracking, and
–  Incorporation of program benefits into the budgeting process.

Synergetics ties the implementation of each client project to a committed financial outcome and a guaranteed ROI.  We have a proven track record working across multiple industries, and an 85% extension and referral business rate is a testament to our success.  At Synergetics, we believe in implementation, not just recommendation.