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Business Analysis

Synergetics’ Business Analysis framework encompasses three functional assessment areas:  organizational, financial, and process / systems.  Our in-depth Business Analysis consists of the following three components, broken down into further detail:

Define the business and operational framework through enterprise mapping, financial statement deconstruction, value stream mapping, and other proven tools / techniques:

–  Identify policy, process, systems and practice gaps with potential opportunities
–  Identify resource / organization gaps and potential opportunities
–  Benchmark key performance / financial indicators
–  Understand profitability by product / service and by customer

Establish initial hypotheses:

–  Present hypotheses to Senior Management
–  Establish alignment on significant potential opportunities and prioritize

Conduct “deep dive” analyses on prioritized areas of opportunity:

–   Detailed analysis, qualification and quantification of opportunities by area
–   Confirmation of opportunities with process owners
–   Define policy, process, system, practice actions / deliverables
–   Define resource / organization actions / deliverables

The deliverables of the Business Analysis Phase are a summary of findings, opportunities, and a Phase 3 Implementation Project Proposal.  The phase ends with the client making the Go / No-Go decision to proceed to Phase 3.