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  • Problem: The Company had grown quickly through acquisition and had not integrated systems or processes leading to an inefficient operating model
  • Solution: Implementation of a consistent Business Operating Model
  • ROI: Productivity Improvement across key processes realizing over $70m in annual savings

Based upon the business assessment findings, project focus was on improving business practices, reducing costs to improve EBITDA, and evaluating capacity requirements.

  • Develop & Install effective performance metrics (Productivity, Cycle Time, Inventory Turns, Cost/Unit, Profitability, etc.)
  • Standardize key processes across all sites
  • Develop and install staffing models for direct and support functions
  • Rationalize “span of control” for management levels
  • Standardize facility layouts and flow control
  • Consolidated several facilities that had geographic overlaps
  • Extensive emphasis on management training
  • Centralize Procurement functions to leverage specific commodity and services volumes over fewer vendors, focus on PPV

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