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  • Problem: Comparatively low EBITDA to that of competition and inability to reduce costs in line with market conditions
  • Solution: Implementation of a pan company cost reduction program to assist in regaining market competitiveness
  • ROI: Achieved over $15m in combined annualized savings with overall project ROI of 4.2 to 1

Cost Take Out Program focused on the reduction of both salary and non-salary spend.  Major areas of project focus included:

  • Procurement
    • Centralized professional procurement organization
    • Consolidation of vendor spend
    • Re-negotiation of high-value contracts
  • G&A Span of Control / Labor Arbitrage
    • Installation of a comprehensive M.O.S.
    • Transitioned finance back office function (70%) to captive off-shore location in India
  • Professional Services Utilization / Organizational Alignment
    • Organizational re-alignment & reduction of non-billable headcount
    • Increased resource utilization
    • Development of key performance indicators and reporting
  • Product Support M.O.S. and India case Migration
    • Installation of a comprehensive M.O.S.
    • 72% increase in India case resolution, 20% increase in total volume
  • Development SIP and SDLC/Management Reporting
    • Installation of a comprehensive M.O.S. inclusive of demand / resource plans
    • 23% reduction of demo related labor and travel expenses

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