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  • Problem: Low customer satisfaction and lack of operational efficiency due to inconsistent processes and systems across 32 servicing centers
  • Solution: Standardize operational, management, and system processes and procedures across the company
  • ROI: Improved customer satisfaction; Reduction in inventory and revenue leakage contributing to $7m annualized saving

With a national footprint of 32 service and distribution hubs serving over 17,000 customer locations, the client did not have consistency around depot and field service operational standardization, customer support centralization and inventory management and control.

Synergetics developed solutions to standardize processes, systems and procedures across the company based on a comprehensive business assessment.

The implementation project work undertaken by Synergetics was focused on operations standardization (distribution and field services), total network inventory management, fleet management and customer support management. Project work streams focused on:

  • Model Depot development (distribution and field service)
  • Reduction in “Revenue leakage”
  •  Customer Support centralization (Call Center and Collections consolidation)
  • Accounts Receivable Optimization
  • Inventory reduction through technology implementation and optimization (tank telemetry and software integration)

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