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  • Problem: Following the divestiture of its hardware division, the company was required to restructure its operations to align overall costs with future revenue profiles, which meant targeting overhead, SG&A, and facilities consolidation
  • Solution: Synergetics’ business assessment targeted a $20m reduction in operating costs. These cost reductions were achieved through a structured implementation program mainly focusing on overhead reduction and operating efficiencies
  • ROI: $20M+ in operating costs achieved with the consolidation of 6 regions into 3

A target of $20M in operating cost reductions were targeted for the following areas:

  • SG&A restructuring
  • S&OP process improvement to improve communications between sales and operations
  • Sales Management Operating Systems (MOS), metrics, and training
  • Development of service centers (US)
  • Facilities consolidation
  • Development of best practice methodologies (International) to improve productivity and reduce operating costs

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