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Asset Utilization

Asset Utilization is important to a company because its success is often tied to its ability to manage and leverage its assets. An optimal asset utilization ratio means the company is being more efficient with each dollar of assets held.

We often find during our Business Analysis phase of the Synergetics Process that companies fail to effectively measure the utilization of their assets beyond the typical financial metrics. We help clients to improve Asset Utilization through understanding the underlying variables that erode utilization; such as asset losses / theft, operational inefficiencies, and under-utilization through sub-optimal capacity planning.

Our team of experienced consultants can help a company make better use of its existing capacity to increase its profitability, rather than acquiring additional equipment and incurring additional production costs. Our approach includes assessing the demand and customer environment by product and service, which are then aligned to available assets. Based on asset capacities and capabilities, an optimized mix of customers, demand, products, and services are developed to illustrate the maximum return on assets and profitability. To support the developed plan(s), Synergetics will assist your managers to put in place the necessary operating processes, protocols, and management systems to deliver the results you expect – results that will improve utilization, performance, and profit.