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Return on Assets

Return on Assets (ROA) is an indicator of how profitable a company is relative to its total assets, and one of management’s most important jobs is to make wise choices in allocating its resources to generate earnings.

Although some managers may be able to make a profit by throwing a ton of money at a problem, very few excel at consistently making large profits through efficient investments. ROA for public companies can vary substantially and will be highly dependent on the industry, and this is where Synergetics’ expertise across the many industries in which we work can best benefit your company’s asset management process.

Synergetics’ approach is multi-faceted in maximizing the income-generating potential of employed capital as well as optimizing the productivity of both current and fixed corporate assets. As your business is concerned about its ability to generate funds needed for growth, we incorporate several indicators for ROA initiatives to benchmark and evaluate your company’s past, present, and possible future performance to best position your company for maximum advantage.

Within the service category of Return on Assets, there are two product services we can offer our clients: