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New Product Introduction

Increased market competition and the complexities of bringing a new product to a global market are leading many companies to add integrated product development capabilities.  However, they often lack the strategy, processes, tools or vision to make those new capabilities work efficiently.

Bringing product development and engineering processes to full efficiency takes both strategic and operational vision. Having in place a strong New Product Introduction plan can help your company meet cost, quality, and scheduling goals associated with launching a new product and decreasing time to market.  This process requires a strategic approach for a company to invest in targeting product-development improvement initiatives, and these efforts must be supported by quantified business cases that optimize return.  Putting in place this process will not only result in immediate operational efficiencies and cost savings, but can also be the solution to create a more innovative and competitive organization. When it comes to New Product Introduction, Synergetics helps companies gain additional profits by enabling them to:

–  Minimize investment (using select resources and minimal capital expenditure),
–  Reduce time-to-market (through rapid product development and deployment),
–  Maximize returns (by decreasing both product and total costs),
–  Lower risks (by ensuring quality and designing efficient supply chain and manufacturing processes), and
–  Prolong a product’s availability in the marketplace.