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Customer Satisfaction Improvement

Successful, service-driven organizations understand that clearly defined service standards combined with a staff commitment to service excellence lead to a sustainable competitive advantage.

Our Synergetics’ team of professionals understands that positive customer experience and advocacy drive competitive advantage.  Our recommendations are actionable and pragmatic, and we will work directly with your business unit teams to develop specific customer experience delivery solutions.

Strong business leaders treat every customer interaction as an opportunity to grow their company, and they know there is a direct relationship between steady or increased product sales and meeting customers’ needs / satisfaction.  We can help your company refine sales and channel management approaches to better serve targeted customer segments, maximize sales, and minimize costs to further expand and keep a loyal customer base, all of which drive revenues and profits.

As in almost any product we offer our clients, our teams rely on a comprehensive, data-driven process. It is our experience that implementing an effective customer-focused strategy such as Customer Relationship Management (CRM) can help your organization grow profitable customer relationships, improve ROI along with customer loyalty / satisfaction, and build market share, among other benefits.  It must be a strategic, focused, and continuous effort that is led by your senior leadership and becomes ingrained in the corporate culture.  Improved customer communication and feedback, employee engagement, metric-centered performance standards, and operational excellence are all part of a successful program and philosophy which Synergetics can help your teams put in place.

Deep consumer insight is crucial to successful strategy development, execution, and understanding; and these drive customer satisfaction beyond that of service excellence alone. Understanding what matters to customers and motivates their behavior is essential for leveraging countless sources of advantage – from creating growth opportunities or new offerings, to evaluating acquisition targets or outsourcing strategies, and to expanding your customer base / market share – all of which add to your company’s increased revenue and profit.