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Product & Customer Optimization

Products and customers are the lifeblood of every business, and the success of your company hangs in the balance of offering the right products to the right customers, and at the best quality for the best price.

Synergetics specializes in optimizing your product and customer portfolios so that you are able to increase market penetration to better sell your products, expand your customer base, and increase overall profitability.

Without good data and information, businesses are unable to make informed decisions about which product strategies to deploy and how these decisions might affect their consumer base, and therefore future success. Synergetics knows that the key to optimizing your products and customers is control, and control in this sense comes from knowing and utilizing information in a structured manner.

Synergetics’ team of subject matter experts uses various structured approaches to mine and analyze your data. The information we compile will allow your management team to gain insights into, and then control of, your business through proven methodologies.  Approach(es) we use include:

–  Profiling / segmentation / tiering of products and customers,
–  Strategy development and implementation on growth, optimization and/or rationalization, and
–  Employing a thorough SWOT analysis of the current and future markets.

Under the consulting service category of Product and Customer Optimization, Synergetics offers five specific product offerings: