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Supply Chain Planning and Demand Management

The complexities associated with supply chain planning for today and tomorrow are more challenging for companies than in past years.  Shorter product life cycles, industry consolidation, and emerging technologies have added to poor performing supply chains and lost revenues, with companies still trying to meet customer service delivery scores of 98%.  Yet, the ability to operate a multi-site supply demand network is a competitive necessity which can also be an effective source of strategic advantage if one can deliver customer products on-time, on a short turn-a-round cycle, and less costly.  If you are looking to provide results on a sustained level, Synergetics can provide the expertise you need to implement an effective Supply Chain Planning process.

Optimizing this process for our business clients is what we do best, offering objective advice to target those areas that will deliver the quickest returns.  We typically conduct a 6-8 week analysis to measure defects, delays and returns, conduct value stream mapping around organizational processes, and assess operating systems to identify savings opportunities.  Our systematic approach to supply chain transformation, real-world experience across several industries, and advanced modeling techniques allow us to identify those opportunities to deliver results quickly.

During our implementation process, we work closely with your leadership team to look at the entire process and not just individual areas, making sure the supply chain process is aligned with your business strategy and not fragmented.  We also consider product segmentation and cost/service balancing, Demand Management with lower inventory levels, and overall performance improvement.  To your benefit, we’re as strong in helping your team execute a plan as we are in helping to develop it, based on your inherent business needs to optimize process, efficiencies, customer service, and revenue.