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Sourcing, Procurement and Supplier Management

Well-designed sourcing strategies and procurement processes can generate substantial savings for those companies who employ a broad range of tools and techniques to draw value from their supply chains.  Aggregation of purchase volumes and effective negotiations with suppliers are just the tip of the iceberg, saving anywhere from 5 to 20 percent of a company’s purchasing costs.  Procurement organizations are also playing a more strategic role in helping companies achieve and sustain a competitive advantage by keeping transaction costs low and providing goods and services efficiently.  Transforming and optimizing these areas will free up much needed cash and resources.  But these types of successful initiatives don’t just happen.

The professionals at Synergetics can assist your business in achieving these initiatives and more.  It means getting full organizational alignment and support – ensuring that roles, decisions, and incentives all work toward the goal of implementing a solid Sourcing, Procurement, and Supplier Management program.  Synergetics will conduct a thorough analysis of your processes, associated costs across the supply chain, and interview / understand all functions and individuals involved.  To capture immediate savings during this discovery process, we will implement appropriate cost savings measures along the way, all while prioritizing savings opportunities for implementation.

We’ve helped many companies around the world in their efforts to improve their sourcing, procurement, and supply chain capabilities.  We also know from experience that program implementations are not a one-size-fits-all.  We work in unison with your supply chain team to: deliver and sustain cost improvements; improve cross-functional collaboration; develop more streamlined processes; and build stronger, more productive supplier relationships.  Contact us to see how we might help you.