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Logistics and Distribution Streamlining

When companies are continually challenged with heightened cost and margin pressures, there are few business areas that impact an organization in as many places as Logistics and Distribution.  Among those issues directly impacting revenue are delivery expenses that include labor and carrier fees, fluctuating fuel prices, rolling stock, and warehousing costs.  Additionally, your business is impacted by how service level performance affects your customers along with the risks associated with service disruption across the entire supply chain.  To optimize advantages in competitive sourcing, improved transportation management, distribution / warehouse footprints, and risk reduction, you need a partner with a vast array of experience to guide you in these areas.

Synergetics has the depth of knowledge your company requires to assess these areas and devise a Logistics and Distribution Streamlining strategy that best fits your business model.  We also have the experience in being able to put this plan into action.  Our methodologies, structured approach, and exacting level of detail provide both efficiencies and a sustainable advantage in your market arena.  With our team working alongside your business leaders, successful roadmap execution can position your company to realize true bottom-line benefits, which typically include a 10 to 20 percent cost reduction.