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Span of Control and Layer Improvement

Many large companies, by nature of their size and scope, can have a tendency to become sluggish and inefficient – often as a result of rapid growth – either organically or through multiple acquisitions. Such symptoms can negatively impact revenues, profits, and shareholder returns.

It is the above scenario with accompanying trends that signal a time for company leaders to assess their organizational structure, staff alignment, and Span of Control across the layers of their organization.  If these conditions exist in your business, this marks such a time that you need a high level of rigor and objectivity as you choose an outside partner experienced in assessing, planning, and implementing an effective Span of Control and Layer Improvement initiative.  That partner is Synergetics.

Synergetics has been successful working with such companies presenting symptoms that include too many managers having narrow spans of control; many layers of management between the CEO and front line worker; having staff too far removed from the customer; business units each having their own set of staff functions; poor staff productivity when compared to external benchmarking data; and staff performing functions of no added value.

Your company’s ability to deliver against business priorities may suffer because it is too disjointed or distracted to pursue operational excellence, or it is too unwieldy to focus on the customer.  Because of our cross-industry experience, we have implementation teams that can take you through a structured approach specific to your needs to reduce overhead costs, speed decision making, increase flexibility, and improve overall efficiency.