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Organization Alignment and Design

A company’s structure determines its ability to execute strategy and adapt rapidly to change, so any reorganization you do must be done right, or the end results can be disastrous.  Synergetics’ specialist teams have extensive experience with fundamental organizational restructuring and overhead cost reduction.

As we assess your structure and activities, in addition to applying benchmarking and in-depth analysis, we look for ways to increase productivity, improve communication, and streamline workflows that are tailored to your particular business strategy.  By addressing the underlying demand drivers for SG&A, we enable rapid cost reductions without sacrificing the quality and service your company is known for.

The key to successful implementations is based on your management team’s involvement and decision-driven criteria that consider underlying points critical to your operating business objectives.  These may include identifying your company’s strategic decisions going forward in the context of market challenges, defining specific levels of authority and where priority decisions can be made, providing guidance and training which empower your managers to make critical decisions that benefit both the company and customers.  Synergetics’ proven track record in Organization Alignment and Design ensures that the implementation of any organizational change moves beyond ideas to action that provide visible and long-lasting benefit to your company.