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Change Management

The design of an organization is not just about boxes and connecting lines on an organizational chart.  It is more about efficiency and having the right people in key jobs, and making sure those positions are reporting on essential functions within the right organizational framework.  When it is apparent that the current organizational structure is no longer efficient or is unable to adapt to a changing market as quickly as needed, it often requires major change – and a whole new way about thinking of things and accepting new ideas.

Getting to the right solution requires paying close attention to the political and emotional, as well as rational, dynamics that accompany changes to organizational structure and governance.  And it is in these difficult situations that Synergetics can assist in your company’s transformation.

As it relates to Change Management, Synergetics works with your leadership team to lead a structured approach to ensure that changes are thoroughly and smoothly implemented, and that lasting benefits are achieved.  We have been involved in several enterprise transformations, where companies were mainly focused on devising the best strategic and tactical plans. But to succeed, they also had to have an in-depth understanding of the human side of Change Management — aligning the company’s culture, values, people, and behaviors – to encourage desired results.  Our role was, and is, to ensure change is thoroughly, smoothly and lastingly implemented, and to know what that means exactly in your situation.

Our team of seasoned professionals knows the criticality of having a systematic, integrated approach to Change Management; one that delivers sustained, measurable results and embeds real behavioral change.  We help your executive team to give clear and meaningful direction and backing to support and engage line managers and to over-communicate a consistent message throughout the organization.  No single methodology fits every company, but there is a set of practices, tools, and techniques which we can adapt to your particular situation.  Building support, creating and communicating a vision, removing obstacles, obtaining and building upon short-term wins, and integrating a culture of commitment and performance are all critical to a successful transformation.