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Quality Management and Loss Reduction

The term “quality” can have many different definitions depending upon its context, and “Quality Management” has a specific meaning when used within the business operations context of “Loss Reduction.”  Synergetics believes that quality ensures that an organization or product is consistent in its process, and considers it to have four main components – planning, control, assurance and improvement.  As we work with your company, we can help your team develop a Quality Management program that is focused not only on product / service quality but also on the means to achieve it.

When our process experts partner with your management team, one of our approaches to reduce scrap losses will be by using root cause analysis tools within a lean manufacturing environment.  We start with a fact-based and structured collection phase (of information), followed by analysis, and end with the solution phase, using charts and flow processes to prioritize wastage.  Through this process we not only reduce wastage / defects but also in many cases totally eliminate them.  We have also found this method helpful in reducing overall equipment efficiency, breakdown, time loss, and customer complaints.

Performance improvement or various other approaches to a Quality Management system are often based upon the eight ISO 9001 quality standards, with the management principles being:

–  Customer focus,
–  Leadership,
–  Involvement with people,
–  Process approach,
–  System approach to management,
–  Continual improvement,
–  Factual approach to decision making, and
–  Mutual beneficial supplier relationships.

Synergetics applies these Quality Management system standards that incorporate and drive quality improvement as we work with various organizations.  Although there may be different methods for quality improvement, we have found that the best success rates are determined by leadership commitment, knowledge and expertise to guide improvement, scope of change/improvement desired and adaption to enterprise cultures.

Well organized Quality Management and Cost Reduction initiatives take all these factors into account when selecting among quality improvement methods, and this is what Synergetics does to help your company achieve higher earnings through higher efficiencies.