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Productivity and Process Improvement

Although an economic efficiency measure of output per unit of input is not the same as a series of actions taken to identify and improve existing production processes, both are directly related and are measured in tandem.  Increased Productivity of your company product / service is a result of improved production processes.  Synergetics fully understands this relationship and importance toward meeting your company goals of increasing profit and performance, reducing costs, and accelerating schedules.  Productivity enhancements come from technology and process advances, supply chain and logistics improvements, and increased skill levels within the workforce as inputs to increase outputs.  This all translates to doing more with less.

We take a systematic, holistic approach to assist your business in optimizing underlying processes to achieve more efficient results.  We utilize the methodologies of Business Process Improvement, Process Redesign, and Business Process Reengineering.  In all cases, we begin our engagement by undertaking extensive data and financial analytics and value stream mapping to fully understand your current processes and production levels.  We identify target areas of opportunity compared to company level and industry-wide benchmarks, identify our end state with process mapping and clear guidelines / KPI metrics, and work in a coordinated team approach to implement new processes that support your goals.

Although speed is more important than perfection in order to win initial victories and drive the process, the goal is not to focus solely on survival or to work in silos on isolated improvement initiatives.  We will work collaboratively across your organization on more long term, sustainable objectives that will improve cost efficiencies / operating margins, encourage innovation, and increase customer responsiveness across the value chain.