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Labor Efficiencies

In any business, labor is a critical component of operational effectiveness, particularly within service related industries where personnel costs may comprise the largest percentage of expense.  And while these costs are typically one of the highest areas of controllable expense, they are difficult to manage.  To efficiently utilize your workforce to control costs requires a solid set of policies; planning, budgeting, and scheduling ability on the part of your managers; and well-understood performance measures.  Synergetics can partner with your leadership team to build a competitive, measurable, and sustainable staffing model through strategic focus, business connection, and implementation.

Our approach to optimize labor resources begins with understanding the strategic drivers of your labor needs. We then apply fact-based, industry benchmarks to ensure you are effectively using your staff and that they are meeting appropriate performance standards.  With our breadth of experience across many industries, we can help your company evaluate current position functions and align measures and incentives tailored to your business.  These expectations will need to be well communicated to your managers and employees in order to hold everyone accountable in meeting company objectives.

Balancing personnel cost reduction in areas where employee numbers or pay scales are too high, along with that of retaining / hiring people with the right skill mix and talents, is indeed challenging and requires insight into your business and that of your competitors.  As we assist in these areas, we can also evaluate your use of contract and contingent labor as well as looking at offshoring and outsourcing opportunities if these are viable options for your business.

The management and maintenance of these divergent needs is a challenge, and our services and solutions are designed to help your organization link business strategies to advanced analytical techniques for overall performance improvement.  And by utilizing workforce comparative data / industry background information and analytics solutions, we can deliver valuable insights to your management team to enable informed decision-making around optimizing labor resources and expense reduction.