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The Financial Services industry is a complex sector operating in very challenging times.  Organizations are under increasing pressure to treat customers fairly, and to this end there is an almost hostile regulatory environment.  Returns are a priority with shareholders as the sector is still recovering in the wake of the economic downturn.

The Synergetics team has deep experience of all aspects of the Financial, Professional, and Business Services sector, ranging from governance, cost management, operational effectiveness, and new product development.  We take a hands-on approach to work with your management team and address your issues in a pragmatic and efficient manner.

The scope of Professional and Business Services is broad and typically covers areas such as accountancy, legal services, information technology, BPO’s, property management, architecture, advertising, and management consultancy.

While large organizations replicate certain of these functions in-house, there will always be a reliance on specialist /external professional services organizations to either supplement your workforce or perform activity on an out-sourced basis.

The Professional Services industry has also seen a recent downturn in line with overall global economic pressures.  Organizations in cost-cutting mode typically look to reduce / renegotiate expenditures with 3rd party organizations. However, activity has since started to rebound.  Trends have shifted too with increased corporate governance affecting many industries and driving a need for expert advice.

Our approach is specifically tailored to your organization’s needs.  Typically, the starting point is a full review of money going out the door, followed by a full rationalization of the scope of activity.  We consider the benefits case for using third parties relative to the activities they perform, as decisions taken at some earlier point may not be right for your business now.

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