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Consumer Products

Synergetics has a proud track-record of working with our clients in the Consumer Products space.  We have continually displayed our ability to work with our clients, identify and deconstruct their issues, and embed solutions which deliver results.

We believe our approach is proven and tested in the complex real-world environment seen today.  We utilize world-class analytics capability to understand your problems and provide solutions in a fact-based and pragmatic manner to deliver lasting success.

We are seeing “the green shoots” of recovery coming through as the industry recovers from its pre-2010 slump.  Increasingly organizations are looking to maximize returns on conserved cash / retained earnings.

At the heart of our approach is the simple concept of designing solutions around the needs of the consumer.  As such, we fully understand how consumers’ needs and behaviors change over time.  We adopt dynamic approaches to consider revenue enhancement / cost reduction opportunities with full line of sight to:

–  Recognizing the dynamics and complexities of the evolution of what our customers want today versus tomorrow,
–  Ensuring the balance between “win new customers versus retain existing customers” is recognized and met, and
–  Maximizing efficiencies in the supply chain and being able to capitalize accordingly in a strategic manner.

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